Office 365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a Microsoft product that replaces on-premise Exchange servers with servers hosted by Microsoft. This frees up our network resources, simplifies troubleshooting, and gives a better user experience including frequent updates.

Who is being migrated to Office 365 and when?

All LA Film School staff and faculty will be moved to Office 365. Departments will be migrated over the next two months.

What will change for the user?

If you use Outlook on your Mac or Windows or get emails on your phone, you will not notice a difference. If you use webmail, the layout and the URL to access it will be different.

Will all my emails, calendar events, and contacts transfer?

Yes, Microsoft has a utility that imports all your data from our on-premise servers into their servers. Depending on the size of the mailboxes, it could take about 30 minutes to move 10 users. During the migration, you will be able to continue using your email clients. When the migration finishes, Outlook will disconnect and you will need to restart.

What about my voice mailbox?

Your voice mail is still sent to you in email form, but it too will be migrated to Office 365. If you want to dial into your voice mailbox, to make changes or listen to your voicemails, dial 323-769-6825.

What about Lync?

Lync is still an on premise server. You can still create Lync online meetings via your Outlook or webmail clients.

What issues should I be aware of?

    • Outlook clients, including phones, will need to restart after the migration is complete.

    • If prompted in Outlook to allow a redirection, select “Always use my response for this server” and click Allow

    • I have noticed that some phones stop getting emails and need to have their accounts recreated on the phone. This issue might correct itself after sometime or require a restart of the phone. Please create a ticket if you are not receiving emails and a restart does not resolve it or cannot recreate your account on the phone.

    • There may be issue with pre-2013 Outlook clients. If you are using a pre- 2013 Outlook client, please create a ticket to be upgraded.

    • Lync clients on Mac have a password prompt issue when accessing the Office 365 calendar. I’m working on this, but canceling or entering credentials at the prompt has minimal impact on Lync.

Please explain the webmail difference

The URL to access webmail is different. Use either or

When logging into Office 365, you will be redirected to our ADFS page after entering your email address. Once authenticated, you will be redirected back to Office 365.

There will be a prompt to enter your time zone.

The layout is different, but it resembles the Outlook client. For me, the biggest difference is where the reply button is, which is to the right and has additional options in a dropdown menu. Below are some screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect.



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